This site is meant as a tribute to Ariana Kaminski using reflective writing and photos of her from various time periods.

Late Spring Baby

Ariana blessed the world with her cheerful presence on a sunny June day. She was in such a rush to be born that the Doctor barely had time to catch her! Family and friends were so delighted to greet this long-awaited baby girl! Her family's first daughter and granddaughter!

Meeting the World

That first year Ariana came everywhere with her Mum, even to nursing classes at UBC! She loved walks by the ocean or sitting on the beach watching the waves. Anywhere in nature made her happy and peaceful. Long car rides were also enjoyed, especially if she was a little fussy - it put her to sleep everytime. In the evenings she loved walks in her Snuggly, along the park like grounds of UBC where she lived. She learned to move quickly and was walking before she turned a year old.

Nature Child

Ariana was introduced to the Pacific very early in life and always had an affinity with the waves and salt breeze. Here she is introduced to the sea by "Auntie" Jennifer!

Baby Ariana with Auntie Jennifer

Early Photos

The following gallery features photos from Ariana's young childhood. She enjoyed the time spent with family, friends, and exploring the world. (click on images for larger view)

Modelling Aspirations

During high school Ariana aspired to explore modeling as a potential career. She dabbled a bit with this then later started studying professional makeup artistry courses at the Blanche Macdonald Centre.

Ariana as Muse

The following gallery features photos from some modelling projects Ariana was involved in during high school and in her early 20s. Although she did not become a professional model she really enjoyed her time spent posing in front of the camera. (click on images for larger view)

Being a Mother

Ariana thrived in her role as a mother. She loved spending time with her two little ones and marveled to watch them grow into wonderful teenagers.

Ariana as Madonna

The following gallery features photos of Ariana as she moved into motherhood. Her two children Natalya and Damien were the most precious part of her life. (click on images for larger view)


Here are some dedications written for Ariana by family and friends. If you would like me to post your dedication here, please complete the form on the final panel.

My Darling Daughter

On June 6th, 1983, my eldest daughter; Ariana (Morning Song) Grace Kaminski, was born. As your Mother said; you burst into the world. While your Mother was being cared for, I was the first person to hold you, close to me.

You were a devoted, highly protective and loving Mother to Natalya and Damien. I have loved you always, I miss you every day and I think of you everyday. You will be the first one I search for in Heaven.

Love, Dad.

Beloved Niece

.. thinking of you especially today on your birthday. It’s so hard to fathom that you’re gone.. but you will always have a special place in my heart .. you will never be forgotten. I am so sorry that you had that horrible car accident when you were a child that rendered navigating this life that much more challenging, but you carried on valiantly, lovely lovely girl. Thank you for bringing your beautiful baby boy to see me and gathering all of us together while Grandma and Auntie Jan were still here to celebrate your beautiful Natalya.. I know your Mum & Dad will make sure they know how much you loved them. Love you forever, sweet Ariana Grace.

Auntie Phyl

My Beautiful Mother

Today, would be your 38th birthday. You are my sunshine Mum. Life gave you the darkest of dreams, and I couldn’t be there to rescue you. However, I am at peace knowing, you are free of the pain that once caused so much grief. I will continue to grow into the woman, you wished you would have become.

Your essence is in my heart, always. I love you darling.

Love Natalya

I miss you, Mum!!

After all this time I still can’t keep her off my mind and how much I miss her.
I wish she could sing to me one more time like she used to.

Love Damien

My sister Twin, My all, My angel

I still wish you a happy 38th bday in heaven my darling angel, may you shine brightest out of the stars when I look up at the starry night above. You may be gone physically but spiritually you are within me - you're here and I feel you everyday. I wish I could hug you forever my beautiful protective warm-hearted sister who is now forever missed but never forgotten. Always know I’ve always looked up to you and thought you and our mum were the two most beautiful women in the world - now Natalya is in that circle. I’ll watch over her endlessly and your beautiful son Damien as well. Ariana Grace Kaminski, My role-model, My BFF, My sister Twin, My all, My angel .R.I.P. Thrive in heaven - until we meet again. I’ll see you in my memories and dreams dear beautiful one xoxo

Love your baby sister Bianca

To my Tender Niece

I find it hard to fathom the reality of your passing. Your beautiful smile and love for life. The giggling child of my memories lives on. Full of beauty and love. Taken too soon.

Love Aunty Cathie

A Bright Light

A bright light has been dimmed with your passing on from this world, Ariana "Morning Star" Grace. All your relations are missing you, yet we know your spirit will continue to be with us all, especially with your beautiful children, Natalya and Damien. As you are welcomed to join our ancestors around the fire, we pray for our loved ones left behind here so they may find peace in the knowing that you fulfilled your purpose here in this life, and it was time for you to move on, even at the tender young age of 37. The love, joy and radiance you brought into this world will forever be remembered and cherished by all your relations both near to you and from a far. Whenever I greet a sunrise, I will look for that Morning Star. I will remember your beautiful soul fondly with a full and loving heart. I pray we meet in the next life Ariana.

All my love, all my relations, cousin Carolyn

Take Comfort

So sorry to learn of your loss June and family.....may you find comfort in your memories and thoughts of her being welcomed in the hereafter by Merrilou, Janet , John and other precious family and friends who have passed.

Sincerely .... Aunt Caryl

My Sympathies

I am so sad to learn about Ariana’s death, at such a young age. Losing a child is so devastating and against the normal life passage. My sympathy to all her family and friends and especially her mom June.

Auntie Pat

Deepest Sympathies

I am so sorry to hear of this enormous loss! I remember your Ariana well as a little Lithe gentle fairy~like gorgeous girl.

May You All treasure Your Precious Memories.

XOXO Cheryl K.

Sorry for your Loss

I've known Ariana since I was younger and didn't find out that she passed until today. I cannot believe she is gone I am so sorry to hear this.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family and sending lots of love and hugs.

Love Tamara

Rest Sweet Fairy Child

Ariana, I didn’t know you but I know your Mom and I know she loves you and misses you. My daughter passed too, in February and I hope you’ll meet her in heaven - her name is Odise. I am sure you’ll hit it off right away!

For now, rest sweet fairy child!

Love Lyn

Birthday Wishes

This week would have marked a day that you would be able to make a wish on your birthday. Sadly Hun, those who loved you will be making those wishes today. Here goes mine:

I wish that you know how much you are loved,
I wish you can feel how much you are missed,
I wish I could see your beautiful face,
I wish I had the chance to see you one more time.

I wish you, as I've always done, love and light brighter than the Sun.
Happy Birthday!!

Love, Danny.

Happy Birthday, Ariana Grace

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